A Look Into: ARIA Web Standards & HTML Apps Accessibility

A truly open and inclusive web needs technologies that allow disabled users relying on assistive technologies to enjoy dynamic web content and modern web apps. W3C’s accessibility web standards aim to populate the web with Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) that users with disabilities can efficiently use. ARIA is one of the numerous accessibility standards […]

How to Improve Your Writing Quality with Data Storytelling

Since the earliest days of humanity people have told stories to each other in different forms. Storytelling has serious traditions in every culture. Myths, legends, tales, poems, folk songs all show the endeavour humans have always had to connect to each other, to people from other cultures and to the next generations. In our interconnected, […]

CSS Floats Explained in 5 Questions

CSS “Floats” (floating elements) are simple to use but once used, the effect it has on the elements around it sometimes get unpredictable. If you have ever come across the problems of vanishing nearby elements or floats that poke out like a sore thumb, worry no more. This post covers five basic questions that will […]

Watch Google Play’s Playtime event: How to find success for your app or game business

Posted by Lily Sheringham, The Google Play team Google Play has kicked off its annual event series Playtime, which is running in 12 countries globally. Playtime offers developers the opportunity to learn tips and best practices about how to grow your app or games business and succeed on Android and Google Play. You can now […]